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Privacy Policy

This document illustrates the Privacy Policy for this Website, Schaefer Asset Management

Personal Information

The privacy policy illustrates how Schaefer Asset Management protects the information that is provided to it by its users.
Schaefer Asset Management will not sell or rent its user’s personal identifiable information to third parties.

Sharing of Information
Schaefer Asset Management may send personal identifiable information about its users to other companies or third parties should there be a need to share the user's information in order to provide the product or service the user has requested.
Furthermore, the only information Schaefer Asset Management will ever disclose to third parties is aggregate information about its users. Aggregate information will not identify the website's users and will only identify the user's population in general terms.

Electronic Communications
The user consents to the website's agreements, notices and disclosures by visiting the website and receiving electronic information or communication by electronic means and this indicates that any legal requirements has been satisfied.

Changing of Information
Schaefer Asset Management reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy on an ad hoc basis at its sole discretion. Schaefer Asset Management is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of non- Schaefer Asset Management websites to which it refers.

Contact information
Should you not be satisfied with the information or should any information be found to be untrue or incorrect, please notify Schaefer Asset Management on the following email address: Henriette@schaefer.co.za

Compliance Officer

Name: Masthead (Pty) LTD
Tel: 021 686 35 88
Email: info@masthead.co.za
Website: www.masthead.co.za

TCF Policy

Our Treating Customers Fairly Policy is centred around the guidelines provided by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority to ensure we consistently deliver fair outcomes to our clients and take responsibility for the business and staff providing an enhanced service quality to clients ,based on a culture of openness and transparency. As a business, we take the requirements pf the FSCA seriously, in particular, the requirement to treat customers fairly.

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