• Let Your Business Grow

    Let Your
    Business Grow

  • Authorised Financial Service Provider

    Authorised Financial
    Service Provider

  • Financial freedom is freedom from fear

    Financial freedom is
    freedom from fear.

Services Offered

  • Investment planning and administration
  • Corporate services and employee benefits
  • Short-term insurance / Personal / Commercial
  • Risk management
  • Property Funds and Bond Finance
  • Property transactions
  • Healthcare consulting
  • Exchange Traded Funds / Mutual Funds
  • Wills / Estate Planning / Executiveships / Trustees
  • Funeral scheme administration / implementation
  • Business consulting and management systems
  • Corporate and Commercial Law Services
  • Labour and Employment Law Services
  • Forensic Investigations; Governance and Compliance Services
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation
  • Conveyancing and Notary Services
  • Debt Collection
  • General Legal Services
  • Specialised Computer Programming
  • New Line Business Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Selected banking services


SAM offers its corporate clients specialised advice with regard to the design, installation and administration of:

  • Pension, provident and other retirement funding schemes
  • Medical aid schemes
  • Group life and other risk benefits
  • Funeral scheme administration and management
  • Education and training of members regarding their employee benefits
  • Annual/monthly benefit statements to company and or member
  • Business consulting and systems implementation

The SAM system enables its corporate clients to outsource to SAM many of their human resources requirements. The services SAM offers ensures that its corporate clients enjoy cost effectiveness, employee satisfaction and a consequent positive impact on productivity.


SAM encourages long-term, personalised and dynamic relationships with its private clients. Private clients are individuals, both wealthy and not-so-wealthy, who subscribe to the SAM ethic of:

  • Loyalty
  • Investment efficiency - regarding risk and returns
  • Flexible, dynamic financial planning

To become an SAM private client you will enter into an agreement to deal through SAM regarding investments, life assurance and other aspects of financial planning. We do not discriminate between our clients big or small - you will receive the same quality service no matter the size of your account at SAM. In return SAM commits itself to the following levels of service for its Private clients:

  • A free, no obligations, introductory interview and report (unless you are using our services for a second opinion)
  • Specialised, independent and personalised advice on both onshore and offshore matters as required
  • A comprehensive annual report and one-on-one review with a SAM consultant on your investment, life assurance and estate planning


We offer an independent advice and broking service on all aspects of commercial, vehicle and domestic risk cover. SAM commercial and private short-term clients can expect the following levels of service:

  • Specialised assessment and advice
  • Service and administrative back-up as required
  • Annual review and re-broking of the contract if necessary to ensure that cover is adequate and cost-effective
  • Assistance in claims handling
  • Risk management advice

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